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How to Get Involved 


It is humbling to see what has been achieved in the Kimilili Community over the years but CHECK is firmly committed to continue supporting this very needy and poor rural community in the future. The schools, Hospital and Adult Education Institution have been approached again this year to come forward with projects in which we can jointly cooperate so that we can help the Kimilili people to help themselves.

How Can You Help?


  • You could sponsor one of us at our forthcoming Sponsored Walk (details TBC).

  • You could volunteer to come to Kimilili with us and work with us there. A truly wonderful experience!

  • You could sponsor a Primary School Child for a year at a cost of £25

  • You could sponsor a secondary school student to attend school. This would include their accommodation, all tuition fees and uniform - for just £336 a year!

  • You could pay a teacher’s salary for a month £35

  • You could provide materials for our find raising events - bric-a-brac cuddly toys, board games etc

  • You could volunteer to help us at one of our UK fund raising events 


Please, do get in touch if you would like to know more about CHECK. I would love to hear from you.  


   Geraint Jenkins MBE  


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