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Community, Health and Education for the Children of Kimilili

'Giving hope through health and education'


CHECK is a UK-based charity, which was set up to help the children of Kimilili, a small town in western Kenya.


CHECK was started by Geraint Jenkins, retired Geography teacher from de Stafford School, Caterham. He went out to Kimilili,  as a newly qualified teacher. When he returned to the UK and started work at de Stafford, the de Stafford Kenya Fund was born and bi-annually staff and students would make the journey to Kimilili to work on a variety of projects, initially with the Boys Senior school and now with four schools and the local hospital.

In May 2010 the de Stafford Kenya Fund officially became a registered charity and was renamed CHECK (Community Health and Education for the Children of Kimilili) and the bi-annual trips still continue.


CHECK promotes and supports the education and health of the young people of Kimilili by providing the funding for facilities, scholarships and grants. Our aim is to improve the capacity and skills of the disadvantaged people of Kimilili so that they can develop a more fulfilling and happy life.


CHECK is a local charity which directly supports the small community of Kimilili. At least 90% of the funds which we raise goes towards helping the community. The people of Caterham have given over £150,000 and taken Kimilili to heart. CHECK is run entirely by a handful of unpaid volunteers in their spare time. There is still much more to do, so if you can, please support us!

CHECK's Patron is Bear Grylls

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